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I Finger & Wank You

This is my 2nd most highly recommended package. You can position your body whatever way you want, I'm here to provide you with the power and penetration that you desire. With my fingers and hands, you will feel your body's impulses and desires rise uncontrollably until they eventually peak, satisfying your urges.

Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: €150 | (Finger & Wank Package) - Book NowBook Now

Give Me A BJ

Sometimes you may feel the need to just put a dick in your mouth and feel it slide past your lips and tongue. Whether you're into deep throat or not is irrelevant to me. Your desire is my supreme satisfaction. (Please note that me cumming in your mouth, on your face or not at all is completely optional and entirely up to you, it will not cost any additional fees)

Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: €150 | (BJ Package) - Book NowBook Now

I Fuck You

So you just want to get fucked? Well that's fine by me. There are many men out there who have unfortunately experienced anal sex incorrectly and there are those out there who crave it but have never tried it. I'm here to help set the record straight. Anal orgasms are truly on a whole other level. Whether you're somebody who wants it rough or gentle, or if you're an anal virgin, I'm here to ensure that it's done carefully, safely and respectfully, if that's what you want. I have my own specific technique that guarantees maximum pleasure and no pain.

Duration: 1 Hour | Price: €350 | (I Fuck You Package) - Book NowBook Now


I am by no means an escort, prostitute or sex worker, I am a sexual relaxation therapist. My job is to provide you with the pleasure you deserve so you can reduce your level of sexual frustration and reach a level of peace & tranquillity. I respect and understand that your privacy and discretion is absolute key and I will never violate that

Open Hours

Please note, I do not host, my services are strictly mobile, therefore, I will travel to your location. Dublin/Naas Area Only:
Mon-Fri: 10 AM – 4 AMSaturday: 10 AM – 4 AMSunday: 10 AM – 6 AM


Please note, all payments are non-negotiable, non-refundable and must be paid on arrival and in cash, please have the exact amount. Please ensure that you take the time to shower and thoroughly wash yourself before my arrival
WhatsApp: +353894458167
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Welcome to Sexual Relaxation, the best sex therapy in the whole of Ireland. Forget 50 Shades of Grey, this is reality. Simply talk openly to me and I will de-stress your sexual frustration and help fulfil your deepest desires.
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